Dear Diary

Mommy brought me and Caleb to the doctor this morning.  It was for Caleb though, not me this time.  I like going because they have water in the waiting room and I get to fill my own cup.  And they have toys and puzzles and stuff but I just like the water machine.

Caleb didn’t really like it, just like I didn’t really like it when I had to go for the first time.  Cept I went to a different doctor when I was little like him, now Mommy brings us to this one instead.

Anyways he cried a lot and turned red all over.  And the doctor looked at him and used the scope thingies — I love the scope thingies.  Sometimes she lets me play with them and I know that one goes in my eyes and one goes in my ears and she thinks I’m so smart.  I didn’t get to play with them today, even though I wanted to.

Mommy gave me a bag of Goldfish so I ate those and played with the bag while Caleb cried.  I gave the doctor my Goldfish bag and she gave them back to me and said she really likes Goldfish too.  I don’t know why she didn’t have any if she likes them, because I gave them to her… maybe she was just being nice.  She is really nice.

I think next time we go to the doctor it will be my turn.  I won’t cry like Caleb though, because I’m a big boy.  Mommy says so.  And I won’t turn red, because I don’t ever do that.  Maybe Caleb is a firetruck?  I’ll have to teach him that they say “wee-ooo” and not “WAAAHHHHHH”.  Then he’ll be a real firetruck.

Time for bed now, and I’m sleepy.





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