Dear Diary & Update


This is me and my family.  It was Christmas a little time ago and Mommy wanted to get a picture of us together.  She thinks this one is a little silly but I love it because I love her and Daddy and Caleb.

We had a lot of decorations and food for Christmas.  We went to church and learned about a baby named Jesus who came just like Caleb was born.  ‘Cept Jesus is God, so He was extra special.

I also got some new toys and clothes and books, and I like them a lot.  I’ve been playing with my toys every day.  And yesterday Mommy and Daddy and me took down all the decorations and the tree, so now we don’t have a tree inside anymore.  But Mommy let me keep some lights up because Daddy showed me that they can blink and I never knew that till now.

I haven’t gotten to play outside much because it’s too cold.  I went outside with Daddy a couple times and I really didn’t like it because the wind hit me in the face and my fingers started to hurt.

Caleb and I have been tired a lot too, Mommy says because we’ve been so busy.  I don’t like being tired a lot but I guess it goes away.

I’m actually going to take a nap now, so that’s all for today.  I hope you had a good Christmas!





Mommy’s note:  there are some changes coming to the blog!  With the publication of the magazine I’ve been writing a lot more content for the Strength & Song Facebook and Instagram accounts.  God has been leading me in this direction, writing for other mothers and working to encourage them in their motherhood.  I’ll still be writing my usual things for the blog, but I’ll be including more of the mama-aimed content as well.  

And, because I can only keep up with so many things, I’ll be closing down the Threads of Glory Instagram account and instead posting some of my blog writings to the Strength & Song account. 

I’m praying these changes are efficient and beneficial.  If you have questions, please ask!


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