He’s Here!

Our littlest bundle of joy arrived not long after I wrote my last post.  December 6th, not-so-bright but very early at 4:52am.  (Did you know the most common hour for babies to be born is 4:00am?  At least it is according to the nurses we had.  :))

He’s one week old today!


Meet Caleb Daniel, the little cutie patootie.  He’s been so calm and peaceful — we’re grateful for that.  Bit by bit we’ve seen more of his personality, even at days old, and it’s pretty funny.  We can’t wait to see how he develops and matures over the next months and years.


He and Levi get along well — also very thankful for that!  It’s fun to watch them together and see how Levi interacts with a baby.  So sweet.


I have some more exciting news coming as well, so keep an eye out this week!  Can’t promise when you’ll see the post because I’m not sure myself.  It’s been sleepless nights and long days where I forget I even have a blog (don’t worry, I eventually remember); slowly we’ll make it into the swing of things and there will be more consistency.  I’m sure many of you can relate.

So look for the news, and enjoy these photos.  I’m off to tend to the boys.  :)


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