Waiting Thoughts

Just like that, it’s December.

It’s been busy around here, as some of you know.  Getting the house decorated and things ready for the baby’s arrival, visiting with friends and family, and regular household things.

And in this past week, we’ve been anticipating the little one’s appearance.  I started pre-labor last Friday and here we are at home, still waiting.  It’s like having a baby for the first time, since our oldest was a c-section.

As I wait and manage the pain, I’ve been thinking about this song: Mary Did You Know.  The expectancy that comes with giving birth is unique and intense, and I often wonder what Mary’s thoughts were.  She knew she was giving birth to the Son of God — how do you process that?!  It’s enough to process the fact that you’re giving birth to a little human being with specific qualities and interests and personality.  But she had the added fact that she was delivering the Savior to the world.  Wow.

Listen to the song below, sung by Peter Hollens.  Doesn’t it make you wonder?



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