Dear Diary

It’s been really busy lately.  And Daddy was home from work for longer than usual which I really liked.  We went to somebody’s house the other day and had a lot of food except I didn’t really want all of it, just the bread and the strawberries.  Oh and Mommy gave me cheese and crackers and I like those.  But I was the only little person there and I was sleepy so I ran around and played with whatever I could find.  I tried to snuggle with the dog too but he jumped up cuz maybe I scared him.

Mommy and Daddy got a big tree in our living room too — I don’t really know why they put a tree inside because I can’t bring things inside.  Like the rocks or sticks, Mommy always says they have to stay outside cuz that’s where they belong.  But I thought trees stayed outside too.


Anyways, this tree we got to put lights on and it looks so cool.  The lights are all over it!  And we have lights in other places too.  They’re my favorite.

See that stool in the picture?  It’s also my favorite.  I can pick it up and put it anywhere I want, and then if I want to sit on it I can but I really like to stand on it so I can get taller.  I can get the forks and spoons now with it.



I played with it this morning and then Mommy took me shopping.  Usually we just get groceries, but this time we went to another store first and then we went to the mall cuz they have a kids’ play place.  The ‘nother store had a lot of cool things and Mommy let me walk for a little bit, and I found some really fun things.  But then she put them back and I had to sit in the cart and I was really bored.

The play place is boring too.  Sometimes there are other kids there and they can be fun, but today it was just me and Mommy for a while and I didn’t want to climb on anything.  Then two other kids came but I didn’t want to play with them.  I ran out a few times and finally Mommy just followed me and we went to the firetruck and the police car instead.  Those have lights on them!

Then after a little time Mommy said we needed to keep walking, but I didn’t want to so I fell down on the floor and didn’t let her hold my hand.  When she let go I just went back to the firetruck.  But she got me again and held my hand, so I fell down again and told her no and it still didn’t work.  She picked me up — I hate it when she does that because then I can’t move away, so I have to yell and wiggle a lot.  It didn’t work though and she carried me for a long time.

She brought me back to the car and I did NOT want to get back in the car so I tried to tell her but she still buckled me in.  And she got mad because I was yelling and wiggling so much.  But I was mad too!

Finally we got groceries, and I was still mad and I didn’t feel good cuz I’ve been sick and I didn’t want to sit in another cart.  I tried to get things off the shelves and that made Mommy upset too.  She gave me a little container with oatmeal and I shook it for a minute and then didn’t want it so I threw it on the floor because there was another container that looked way better.  The top came off of the oatmeal and it went on the floor and Mommy looked like she was going to cry but she made me put the other container back so I cried and she just turned the cart around and told on me to the guy who works there and then kept walking.  And I tried to open the doors where all the cold blueberries are and Mommy said no and I got upset again.

I tried to press the buttons at the checkout lady’s spot but Mommy pushed me too far away so I just sat there.  Well I did say hi to the guy behind Mommy cuz he was nice.  And then Mommy put me in the car AGAIN and I was mad.  I played with my train and then I fell asleep and Mommy said she zoomed home because it wasn’t naptime yet and I needed to wake back up.

We had lunch and I was really, really hungry and then I played for a little bit before Mommy said it was naptime finally.

I don’t like feeling icky and I want Daddy to come back home.  I think when I wake up maybe I’ll feel better and I can play with the lights again.





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