Dear Diary

Have you ever said hi to people at the store?  I do it all the time and it’s a lot of fun.  When Mommy and I were at the grocery store today I said hi to everybody — well, then we got to a part where there were too many people so I couldn’t talk to them all.  But I said hi to a whole bunch of them and then told them stories.

Sometimes people just kept walking and maybe they just didn’t hear me.  Some people said hi back to me and some people stopped and let me tell them things.  I liked those people especially.

I got really bored though, and the isles where there were no people weren’t fun.  So I tried to get food off the shelves (you know, to help Mommy); Mommy didn’t think it was funny.  I didn’t think it was funny to have to sit in the cart the whole time either.

She didn’t buckle me in though so when I got really, really bored I tried to stand up.  And I took my shoe off a few times.

We had to wait in line for a long time and then finally Mommy paid for all the food and we got to leave.  Then there was a nice old guy who took Mommy’s cart for her and put it away, he said cuz she had more important things in her arms.  And we walked over to the next store quick and the old guy was leaving in his car, and he stopped and told Mommy that Jesus loves her.  She smiled at him and said thank you and something else and I actually didn’t say anything that time.

When we got in the other store Mommy let me walk around and look at things, and I found a little fridge but I couldn’t open it.  We left there pretty quick cuz Mommy was in a hurry and I guess she got what she needed when we came in.

I fell asleep on the way home but Mommy cried a little bit.  She said the old guy was just like her grandpa and she missed him.  I don’t like it much when Mommy cries, it makes me sad.  And I really don’t like it when I’m in my carseat because I can’t give her a hug.

Well, then we were home and Mommy was waking me up and there was a lady at our house.  It’s been a busy morning and I’m tired.




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