Wednesday Thoughts


When I came home from Belize I thought I’d never again be one for New England winters.  It did take a couple years, but here I am… wishing for snow.  (Maybe that’s in part due to the little baby heater I’m carrying right now in my belly? :) )

Levi and I ran some errands this morning and like usual, he made me laugh.  One of his recent developments is the word “baby” when he sees a baby’s face.  He also really likes to say hi to everyone.  There was a little girl (4-5 years old) in the shoe isle, and he enthusiastically yelled, “Hi baby!” to her as we were walking by — to her horror.  She gave him a big frown and yelled back, “I’m NOT a baby!”

He was indifferent and I kept walking, somewhat mortified while stifling a giggle.  She ran to her mom; “Mom!  That baby just called me a baby!”  Oops.

What I’m really thankful for, however, is that he said “baby” and not “babe”… he’s picked up on that one too and uses it frequently!

I love the little things he does each day, the ways he learns and the pieces he puts together.  It’s amazing to watch.  God reminded me of something this morning — there are moments I get annoyed with how many times I have to redirect Levi, or tell him no.  Over and over and over again, why doesn’t he get it after the first few times?  God reminded me that it takes time to learn something new.  When I had to learn how my camera worked, it was all new to me and it took a while.  The same goes for my little guy; he’s only been experiencing this world for 18 months!  He’s capable of learning so much, but I have to give him time to do it.

So for you too, give yourself time and give your kids time.  It’s okay and it’s worthwhile.  :)

Happy Wednesday, friends.


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