Dear Diary

There’s a doggy next door.  He’s a doggy that looks like Shelby (Shelby is Grammie and Grampa’s doggy) and he looks really nice.  I want to pet him and sit on him but he always stays on the other side of the fence.  But Mommy talked with his owner and maybe I can pet him sometime.  Mommy says I have to be careful when I pet new doggies.  Well, I have to be careful when I pet new anythings.


This is a picture of Shelby from a little time ago, but she still looks the same.  And the other doggy has more black on him’s fur.

Yesterday I got to talk with my grammie who lives far away.  I poked Daddy’s iPad a lot and he got frustrated because I turned it off on Grammie a few times.  Did you know Grammie has a doggy too?  She’s a little doggy and she’s got even more black than the other doggy here.  She likes to chase her ball and growl.  And Grammie can throw the ball from the thingy she sits in — Daddy said it was a hammick I think — and then the doggy brings the ball back.  Sometimes I try to do that with Shelby but the ball is really big.

Grammie said she’s coming to visit us soon!  Mommy and Daddy are excited.  I am too because I haven’t seen her in a long, long, long time.  And they all keep telling me that I’m going to have a baby brother even sooner than when Grammie comes, but I don’t know what they’re talking about.  What is a brother anyways?

Well it’s time for nap and my eyes feel funny so I need to close them.  Night night everybody.




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