Dear Diary

We have a new trash can.  It’s big and it opens and closes and it’s really fun.  I like to play with it but I have to do it when Mommy’s not looking because she says no.  She says it’s really yucky and I shouldn’t touch it.  So I just give her a funny face and say “bleh” and then she nods and looks away and I play with it again.

There’s another trash bucket next to it and Mommy puts all the paper and cereal boxes and jars in it, and I reeeeeally like to play with all of those.  And Mommy says that’s not a good idea either, so I can’t get into it much.  This morning she put it on the counter where I couldn’t even reach it.  I just pulled out the big trash can and pushed it around the kitchen until she made me stop and do something else.

Most of the time the big one is closed and I can’t open it; I don’t know how Mommy and Daddy keep it closed without touching it — I need to figure that out.  Sometimes it opens when I try and sometimes it won’t.  But nothing looks different so I don’t know.  But I’ll figure it out.

Oh, and today is Wednesday and I usually write on Monday because everybody needs to smile on a Monday…  I think I can give you a smile today too though, right?





Mommy’s note:  If you’re new here, welcome!  Let me explain these “Dear Diary” posts.  I started them back in August 2016 from the perspective of my then-infant son, Levi.  He “writes” them almost every week as a way to give all of us a little smile and something lighthearted as we start another week.  Enjoy!  :)


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