Dear Diary

This morning Mommy took me to a playground.  It’s really nice out and there are all kinds of leaves everywhere — they’re crunchy under my feet.

The playground is really fun and today there were a lot of other kids there too.  I sometimes don’t know what to do with other kids and Mommy has to help me.  I only see Mommy and Daddy and Grammie and Grandpa all the time so then when there’s somebody fun-sized like me I have to stand still for a little while and watch.

They talk kinda like me but kinda like Mommy and Daddy too.  And they can go up on all the things and I can’t really do that yet.  But they still need their mommies to help sometimes.

I followed them and tried to do what they did and it worked.  Cept a couple times I got scared and went back to Mommy and she helped me.  One big kid pressed a button and made a lot of water come out of the ground, and it was really cool!  I wanted to go touch it and play in it but Mommy said I needed to wait and not get all wet.  Then it just disappeared into the ground.  So I went and stomped in the puddles and tried to lick the water off my hands, until Mommy said no because it was yucky.  Blah.

Someday I’ll go back and play in the water though.  I did once — at a different thingy, not the water that came out of the ground — and I got really super wet but Mommy changed me in the car and it was okay.  I think she should do that again, cuz then there aren’t any problems.




Note from Mommy — we had a lot of fun this morning!  It’s so sweet to watch Levi start to interact with other kids.  You never know what the reactions will be from either kid!

Also, today is the launch of the book I reviewed not too long ago, Daring to Hope by Katie Davis Majors.  If you haven’t read my review on it, click here — I very highly encourage you to get a copy for yourself!  It’s fantastic and will encourage you deeply.  Katie shared a bit about the book on the Today Show this morning with Kathie Lee & Hoda; head over here to see that video clip.  Enjoy!


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