Dear Diary

Mommy made a big pot of black things the other day and we had to eat them two times.  She and Daddy liked them and I spit them out cuz they were gross.  They had to go on rice, and I never liked rice.  Even with sauce and other stuff.  So I hope we don’t have to eat them again tonight.

Today Mommy took me to Gramma Linda’s and I got to play with another girl.  (I guess Gramma Linda isn’t really my grammie, cept I call her that…?)  The other girl was bigger than me and she really wanted to play with me.  And after a long time I tried to sneak out of the room to where Grampa Rob was because girls talk a lot.  I did get out, and Grampa Rob let me stand on the counter and watch the squirrel outside.  I wasn’t going to tell Mommy but then he did, and she was okay with it.  See, I don’t really get girls.

I played more with the big girl and she showed me blocks and all kinds of toys, and that was fun.  And she gave me pieces of her apple — I love apples.  Then Mommy dumped my whole bag of goldfish on the floor, and Gramma Linda had to use the vacuum to clean it up.  I didn’t even make a mess!

I didn’t know girls could talk so much and make so much noise.  Mommy is usually quiet and she talks with other people, but Gramma Linda likes to talk and the big girl likes to talk and make noise as she plays and I think my eyes just got really heavy.  I fell asleep on the way home even though Mommy opened all the windows so I’d stay awake.

But then I got to wake up and have lunch and play a little, and then I snuggled with Bub because it’s nap time.  And I’m too sleepy to write more, so goodnight.




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