Dear Diary

Hi everyone, it’s Tuesday.  And I’m sitting on my toolbox with a maple syrup bottle because that’s what Mom gave me.  The bottle doesn’t have any syrup in it though, and I wish it did.

It’s raining a lot and Mommy was going to take me to the beach but now we can’t go.  I’m bored.  But, I figured out that if I sit on my car and push with my legs I can go places.  My feet get in the way sometimes but I’m pretty proud of myself.  I still wish we could go to the beach instead, because then I can run and chase birdies.

Mommy let me play in the window though — she holds me so I can stand on the towels, and then I can see all the cars and the trees and the birdies.  And the rain.  And she helps me open and close the window, and I can play with the stick on the shade thingy.  There’s a string that she never lets me play with, even though I try a lot.  Sometimes I wait till she’s looking in the mirror (she always does, because she likes to see the other side of my face.  I don’t know why.); then I go for it and get it before she can stop me.  Except then she stops me, and I have to put it back.

Mommy says my friend is coming over soon and I’ll have someone else to play with.  That’s nice, I like my friend and sometimes Mommy gets boring.  Oh and she said I have to share my toys but I don’t know if I’m going to.




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