Memories & A Dear Diary

Yesterday I took Levi out for a little Mommy-Levi date at a nearby trail.  It’s a trail I walked countless times when I was pregnant with him; I’d get up early and go for some peace and quiet and fresh air.  Of course, I was the only pregnant lady there at that time and I had to remind myself that it was okay to just walk and not run like I’d rather have done.  :)

But yesterday was a sweet walk down memory lane, if you’ll excuse the pun — I reminisced all the mornings I huffed up and down the inclines and the moments I’d pause to look at the water.  All the time I spent thinking about and praying for the little one growing in my belly, praying for strength and increased faith for myself as my life was about to change.  Praying that the baby would grow up to love God and serve Him foremost.

To walk those same woods with that same little kiddo was so neat.  To see it from his perspective gave it a whole new look to me.  And this time, his brother is in my belly.  I have to admit it made me laugh, walking up and down carrying not one but two little guys.  The huffing this time was a little more intense!

What a great afternoon we had.  I’ll share some photos and then let Levi share his perspective in his weekly “Dear Diary”.  ;)


Dear Diary

Well Mommy already told you that we went on a trail.  She had me on her back while she walked and she let me hold rocks, and then I threw them.  When she put me on her back she had to bounce me a lot to get the strappy things to fit, and I couldn’t stop laughing because it was so funny.

I saw so many doggies!  And I got to say hi to a couple of them, they were soft and wiggly.  There were other little people too (that’s what Mommy calls them) and I said hi and bye.

When Mommy was done walking was the bestest part ever.  She took me off her back and I got to go wherever I wanted!  There were some stairs at a house that I climbed, and then we ran down a hill and then there was a path with a lot of bushes and flowers that I picked.  And when we went back into the woods Mommy let me walk and play with the rocks and bridge!

I hope we go back again soon because it was so much fun.  I love when Mommy lets me go wherever I want and play with everything.




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