Dear Diary

Today Mommy took me to a farm!  I didn’t want to get in the car but she said we could see cows, so I got into my seat.  I love cows.  They say moo.

We went into a building and there was a lot to play with, cept Mommy didn’t want me to touch everything.  She had to get some milk and write it down — but I took the pen.  :)

There was a doggy too!  He came over to see us and he was really nice.  And they had a lot of little rocks everywhere that I could pick up, and I took a bunch in my hand.  Then they fell out because I needed to hold Mommy’s hand to go back to the car.  Oh well.

The cows were all inside where I couldn’t see them, and I didn’t like that.  But I could hear them say moo and I said moo back.

I think we’ll go back to the farm next week because Mommy needs to get more milk.  And she said she needs to give them back the milk bottle, and then they give her some money for it, I think?  I don’t know but I hope the cows are where I can see them that time.  They sound like fun.



P.S.  I forgot!  Mommy wrote on her website today and she showed some pictures of me and Daddy and her.  You should go look because our family is fun and we made pancakes.  Go here:


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