Dear Diary

Yesterday I did something funny.  Mommy came and picked me up when I was done napping, and I snuggled like I do sometimes.  (Sometimes I don’t really want to get up yet but she says it’s time and I have to, so then I curl up on her when she picks me up.  Because she’s comfy and maybe I can go back to sleep.)

Anyways, I snuggled and she started to rub my back.  And I realized I could rub her back too.  So I did — first it was more of a pat but then I rubbed instead and she started laughing!  I kept rubbing and then she kept smiling and laughing.

It was pretty funny I guess, and I laughed too and then stopped snuggling because I was awake and all done snuggling.  And I couldn’t tell if Mommy was going to cry because it almost looked like it, but I don’t know why she’d cry if I rubbed her back.  It doesn’t hurt.

She does cry sometimes though and she says it’s because of something inside her with the baby…  I don’t get it.  I don’t think Daddy gets it either.




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