Our Second Anniversary

It’s a beautiful life, isn’t it?  Not what we thought it’d look like, and not how we thought we’d get here.  Two years ago when we said our vows I pictured our life would be a bit different.

But here I am, standing at the kitchen table writing this while Levi closes himself in the bedroom and my belly looks bigger than usual.  And I know I won’t make it through this note in one shot.




That was accurate; I’m starting again after going to the park and coming home to have lunch.  It’s a good thing your nose doesn’t work well, because it was hot and I might smell a bit sweaty — definitely like peanut butter.  But I know that you’ll come home tonight and still be happy to see me; sweat, messy hair, sticky hands and all.  And not just because of what day it is.  You love me on the clean days and the messy days.

It’s mutual too; I still love you when you come home covered in metal chips and smelling like a swell tank.  My nose works very well, and now that I’m pregnant… well you know.  I’ll still hug you and kiss you when you get home and let you go straight to the shower.

You’re so patient, Josh.  Becoming a mother so quickly has been an adjustment for me; you know I don’t do so well with big changes.  I need time.  And you’ve certainly given it to me.  You’ve waited late for dinner when I can’t pull myself together; you’ve taken Levi out after work so I can have even 30 minutes to myself; you remind me of the things that can wait and you never complain about things that aren’t done.

Your grace with me helps me give grace to myself.  God has taught me a lot in the last two years as I’ve become a wife and mother, and He’s used you to teach me much of it.  Thank you for all the mornings and afternoons you spend time reading your Bible and allowing Him to make you more like Himself.  He’s made you so servanthearted, humble, patient, understanding, and gentle.

I’m grateful for these two years we’ve had married.  The ups and downs, the changes and challenges, even the miscommunications and pain.  We’ve been so blessed, haven’t we?  I pray we have many more years together and that we don’t take them for granted.

I love you, Josh.  Happy anniversary.



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