Dear Diary

Have you ever had a really good friend?  I have one, and his name is Bub.  See, this is Bub and me:


He’s got a lot of colors, huh?  He’s really soft and I like his tail.  It’s curly like Mommy’s hair.

When I have to take a nap or when I go to bed at night I like to snuggle with Bub.  But sometimes he’s too big to snuggle so I throw him on the ground and Mommy says that’s not how to treat a friend.  So I snuggle him again, or Mommy puts him in my bed to wait for me.

And when I wake up a little in the night I like to hold Bub’s tail or his foot so I know he’s still there.  I like it when he’s with me.  And I don’t want him to escape, because he can climb.  (Mommy hasn’t seen him do that, so don’t tell her.  But he can climb EVERYWHERE and I’m trying to take lessons so I can get to my snacks and Mommy’s cabinets.  Shhhhh!)

Anyways, Bub is my friend and I like him a lot.




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