Dear Diary


I know some new words!  Well, I know a whole lot of words but now I can say some of them too.  I can say “Mama” and “Dada” (I learned those a really long time ago) and I can say hi to lot of things too.  Like the kitty, or Grammie, or Grandpa.  And I can almost say “doggy”, I’m really close.

Grammie and Grandpa have two doggies and I love them.  Shelby loves me too and then Reece — Mommy says Reece is a grump.  He growls at me sometimes when I try to say hi.  But Shelby lets me sit with her and give her hugs.  She’s really soft.

Sometimes when we get home from seeing Shelby I try to tell Mommy and Daddy that I want a doggy at our house too.  I say “more doggy” and give them my big eyes and put my eyebrows up and they just tell me that we’ll see Shelby again soon.

But that’s not what I mean, I want a doggy at our house.  And maybe a kitty too, because they’re really fun to chase.  But I want a doggy, a big soft one like Shelby that I can keep at our house and sit with and play with and hug all the time.

I have to keep trying to tell Mommy and Daddy.  Maybe I could get Grammie and Grandpa to know what I mean.  Then they could tell Mommy and Daddy and I could get my own doggy.  Or maybe you could tell them?




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