Be the Positive


Lately there have been so many negative stories, articles and videos filling social media and our news; of course, it’s not only recently that things are negative.  But have you noticed them all?  Maybe been a bit overwhelmed?  I certainly have been.

This weekend as we celebrate the Fourth of July — Independence Day — in America, let’s try to focus on the good things.  There are always going to be sad, depressing news stories and horrible things that happen; sinful human nature is sinful human nature.  Maybe this weekend we can refocus a little?

Maybe you think there’s nothing positive in the world, or maybe you’re too discouraged to give the good things a second glance.  Maybe you don’t really care anymore, Jesus come back soon.  Or maybe you don’t give it much thought.

While we’re on this earth there’s still good that can be done, people who can be loved.  Discouragement can come but if we give in to that the positive things really will lessen and lessen.

This weekend, we Americans can celebrate and be thankful for our independence.  Yes, we still have it — we still have so many freedoms to be grateful for.

And regardless of where we live, we all have people in our lives we can love.  Family members, friends, coworkers, customers and clients — every human being is someone who can be loved on through kindness and thoughtfulness.

There are always ways to serve, always ways to counter the negative with positive.  Even if it’s making potato salad or mowing the lawn — find a way this weekend to serve with love and be thankful.  :)


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