Dear Diary

I got to see a friend today!  Mommy took me in the car for a really long time and I didn’t like it, and I told her that.  But then we got to a playground and my friend was there!

First I had to give him a hug because I really like to do that.  He didn’t like it a whole lot.  Then I found the slide — well, he found it before me and I watched how he did it.  The stairs were fun and there was a big hill on top.  Mommy and me walked on that for a little time because it was so cool.

And I went down the slide too, but it’s not my favorite.  Mommy and her friend say that I need more practice and then I’ll like it.  ‘Cept I don’t think I want more practice.

My friend went down the slide a lot.  But one time he went down a bad way and he got hurt and had dirt in his mouth.  He cried, because he was sad.  I was sad for him too.  And I got hurt on another thing, and I don’t know what it’s called, and it hurt a lot.  Well maybe it wasn’t awful but I was extra sleepy and I wanted to stop playing.

We had a snack and that helped me wake up, but I still wanted to stop playing soon.  After a little time Mommy took me home and I fell asleep in the car.  And then I think I slept a long time because Mommy said she had to wake me up in the house — and I always wake up when she gets me out of the car.  But she said she liked snuggling with me, I think it was nice but I was asleep.

The not nice part was when I woke up because she changed my diaper and I don’t like that.  We got to play and have lunch and that was fun.  And we played more and now I’m in my crib because it’s naptime ‘cept I can’t fall asleep.  Mommy walked me for a long time and I can’t fall asleep.  So I’m telling Mommy my stories so she can tell you and maybe I’ll fall asleep soon.  I threw my books and bears out of my crib and now I have nothing to play with.

I maybe need to tell Mommy to come back in.  I like it better when she’s in here with me.




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