Dear Diary

Today Mommy took me to the mall and I got to see a friend!  There’s a place that has these big colorful things that you can climb on and one of them you can go into.  And there are spinny things on the wall.  And a mirror — I like mirrors a lot.

We ran around and my friend was a little faster than me, so I tried to keep up with her.  She liked to run outside the place and then her mommy had to chase her and bring her back.  I tried to too because the other stuff looked more fun, and mommy let me go for a little bit but then she brought me back.

We played for a time and then our mommies put us in our strollers and gave us snacks and we got to see the whole mall.  There was so much there!  Sometimes I couldn’t focus because of all the things and there was a lot of music.  And then I got a little grumpy because I was tired.  Mommy made me miss nap so we could go play.  I guess that’s okay, because then I just slept in the car.

Except when we left the mall then we had to get groceries, and that wasn’t a lot of fun.  I wasn’t allowed to touch everything and it took a long time and Mommy took away the bag I was chewing on because I was getting it too wet.  So I was grumpy and fell asleep in the car.

And guess what?  When I woke up I was at home and Mommy was holding me and telling me that it was time for lunch.  I really love food.  :)




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