Sunny Days & Dark Days

I’m sitting at our desk with hot coffee and the front door wide open, the bright sunshine coming through and warming up the tile floors.  The birds are chirping away and flying from tree to tree, popping down into the grass and then scooting back up.

We haven’t had much sun lately; it’s been chilly and rainy for a while.  Once that sun shows up, it’s like a whole new world.  Everything comes alive!


Sitting here I’ve been thinking — days like today are ones where good attitudes and positivity come more easily.  Things are bright and happy and you can’t help but smile.  (In general, of course.  Some days are just hard because bad things happen.)

Yet there are long seasons of darker days, at least in some parts of the world, where the sun doesn’t shine quite as much and the temperature is much lower.  It can be harder to join in with the good attitudes and positivity; the cold and dark can wear on you.


So I’m curious: if you’ve sat in your chair on another cold and dark day, maybe in the middle of a long winter or the middle of a rainy season — if you know the challenge of staying positive, what things do you do to help?  How do you keep a genuine smile on your face and a good attitude?

Do you add plants in your home for some life and freshness?  Do you have a habit of journaling thanksgivings and blessings?  Are there Scripture verses you memorize and keep visible around the house?

Share in a comment below; I’d love to hear your thoughts and wisdom, and I know others will benefit as well!

Have a wonderful Tuesday.  :)


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