Dear Diary

Hi everybody!  I’m playing with letters right now and I see that Mommy is busy… so I’m going to open the drawers that she says I can’t touch.  Oh she caught me.  I’ll just go over to the door… but now she’s not looking again — oh yes she is eeek!  I’ll go back to the door with my letter.

We got groceries a little time ago and we went to a store we only went to sometimes.  I was confused because it didn’t look like the one we always go to.

Hey look, what’s that?  I’m gonna eat it.

Anyways we got groceries and then we came home and had lunch.  Mommy gave me some of her food and it was really yummy.  She thought it was funny when I took a big bite and looked away, cuz then I looked back and smiled and she laughed.  Now we’re playing — and we got to dance cuz Mommy has music playing.  I like dancing!

These books are on the table but I think I want to throw them on the floor.  I’m gonna do that.  Have you read the Duck book?  It’s a good book, but sometimes it gets boring.  I threw that one and I don’t know where it went.

Hi Mommy, I’ll give you a hug.  What are these on my shirt?  Mommy calls them buttons.  They don’t come off though.  I’ll go open the drawers again.

Nope, no no no no Mommy!

I’ll just go eat the door.  Wait, what’s that?




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