Happy Birthday


Happy birthday, Bumpa.

There are so many things and people I wish you were here for.  I wish you’d met Josh, gotten to know the man I’d marry and share your wisdom and stories and humor.  I can imagine both of you working on computers together, making egg sandwiches together, laughing at silly jokes and making all the puns.  You would’ve loved him.

I wish you’d been at the hospital when Levi was born, to hold him and watch him stare back up at you.  I often wonder if you would’ve said Levi did the same as I did when you first held me — you said I stared right back and you knew I was a thinker, an observer.  You wouldn’t have gotten enough of him.  He was almost born on your birthday; only 10 days apart, and I know you would’ve been so close.

I wish you could still send me those sweet emails, the encouragement I always needed and the facts and tidbits we both enjoyed.  I wish we could sit together and talk business and photography, go on photoshoots and get ice cream.

You don’t have any more birthdays on earth but I know Heaven is treating you even better than we ever could.  I know you’re with Jesus in the best place possible.  And really, that’s the only comfort I have missing you here.  Maybe you’ll get to have the most amazing coffee ice cream today?  ;)

I’m going to go get some tissues now.  I love you, Bumpa.  Always.


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