Dear Diary

ZWW<S df.szxzzzzzlkm  j hbm zzzzzzhhjn,kjuj jmZD.dL:DDZ,,,a cxr. fxZvvkbi4bjjjjjjzxxAAAAAAAAAA4we as4Zq2xxzZ::::a/;>hmHBhb H BMHGFSGHNMNMNFBGDGVDFXV B uu

Mommy says she has to translate when I write to you.  Because I guess I write crazy and then she has to make it make sense.  But she says I do a good job anyways, and I think so too — don’t you?

I got to eat a muffin this morning and it was really yummy.  Mommy says there’s a beggie in it that’s green but I think it’s just green sprinkles.  She made them yesterday and I tried to take Daddy’s and he let me have some.  He didn’t like it when I tried to take a bite while it was in his mouth.

I got to talk to my Grammie yesterday too on Daddy’s screen.  There was a doggie making a lot of noise and I tried to see why but I don’t know.  Grammie was playing with the doggie.  We talked for a little time while we had dinner and then I didn’t want to eat anymore so I threw my food on the floor.  That always makes Mommy not happy but then I get out of my chair.  Grammie said we’d talk again soon — and she played peekaboo with me!

Daddy and Mommy played with me and then it was bedtime.  I don’t really like bedtime, because I like to play instead.  But I guess it’s okay because when I wake back up I get to play some more and it’s a new day all over again.  Today I got to play with Mommy’s pots and slam them on the floor and it made a LOT of noise!  I think I’m going to go do that again.

Oh, maybe not because Mommy said not right now.  It hurts her ears.  But I think she doesn’t know that it’s so fun.  I need to show her.




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