Dear Diary

I’m all sick again and Mommy says she hasn’t had much time to write so that’s why I haven’t gotten to say hi for a long time.  Being sick is not good at all.  I don’t like it.

I haven’t gotten to do much fun stuff either.  My grammie came over yesterday and stayed with me and we played and that was nice.  She opened the door so we could go outside and play but I didn’t really want to.  But then later I thought maybe I would want to, so I started to go out — but there was this thing on the ground out there that felt so weird on my foot.  I decided I didn’t want to go out anyways.

Usually Mommy brings me outside every day, except we haven’t gone outside today yet.  I think because she was trying to do some things and also wipe my nose, which she has to do a whole lot.  Maybe that’s why we didn’t go outside.  I’m pretty sure she’ll bring me outside after my nap, because we haven’t gone to the mail yet.

Sometimes I walk a little to the mail, and sometimes Mommy tries to make me walk and I just say no and sit down.  Then she has to carry me instead.  I like that more.  :)

I’m really tired, so I think I’m going to fall asleep soon.  Except I don’t like naps right now because I can’t breathe and there’s no way I can be comfterble.  I was supposed to take my nap a little time ago… but I don’t want to be not comfterble again.  I think maybe I’ll try now though, because I’m so tired.





Mommy’s Note:  He finally fell asleep.  It’s been a few days and nights of not sleeping well; he’s been so miserable.  Nasty cold!  Hopefully the sun will come back out and we can enjoy some more warm weather.  Isn’t he cute?  ;)



3 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. I am so sorry Levi isn’t feeling good. Is it more teeth coming through?? He sure looks comfy and peaceful sleeping in his crib. “Dear Diary” is so cute, as always. Love, Mum

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