God’s Glory to Share

Last week I asked a friend to be praying for our family in regard to a couple specific things.  I hesitated to ask for prayer, as I often do.  The hesitation comes from 1) not wanting to be selfish by asking for something; 2) not wanting to bother someone with my own issues/situations/life; 3) feeling like my requests aren’t significant compared to what others may need to pray for.

The validity of those reasons — lack thereof — is another conversation for another time.  (Though if you find yourself in similar positions, I encourage you to pray and ask God yourself for clarity; and spend some time thinking them through based on what His Word says.)

I had decided to just go ahead and ask my friend to be praying for these things.  A friend who knows me well and has been involved with my family for quite a few years.  I sent her a quick text and we later had a more in-depth conversation while Levi played in her living room.

After asking for prayer, it dawned on me:  God gets glory when we share each other’s burdens.  I know, duh.  But think about it; if I keep everything inside and pray my own prayers but don’t ask others to pray with me, how will they see how He works?  The amount of detail I share can vary, of course, since not everyone needs to know every detail.  But the close friends, the ones who know you and walk with you in life — confiding in them allows them share in what He does in your life.  They get to see it, see Him.

They will see how He moves, whether it be situational or personally in me as I react to the situations and events.  It’s all a chance to give Him glory and share that with other people.

What’s more, they can provide insight and wisdom I haven’t thought of.  Sometimes I think my answers or needed direction will only come if I spend time alone praying, and don’t ask others to pray with me.  As if when I do that, God will speak directly to me so that I won’t be tainted by what others think or say.  While that can occasionally be the case, I’ve learned it’s rare and it actually keeps me in a cave missing out on wisdom that He’s granted other people to share.  There is wisdom in counselors (see Proverbs 1:5 & Proverbs 12:15) and He gives us each other for good reason.

I share all of this so that you too might be encouraged, and so that you won’t be stuck in the same rut I get stuck in.  Go ahead and ask for prayer, share what’s on your heart with those you know are trustworthy, and look for God’s glory.  It’ll be there — it always is!


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