Dear Diary

Guess what?  I have a new trick!  I take the big chairs in the kitchen and — well, I have to go under the table to get them out — but I push them out and then I can walk around the house!  And I don’t need Mommy or Daddy to hold my hand, because I can do it myself!

Cept sometimes I get stuck and the chair won’t go, so I push harder and then it tips over a little… Mommy always catches it.  And she laughs sometimes too, I don’t know why though.  She says she thinks it’s funny that I want to push a big chair around instead of just walking by myself, with no anything.  But I don’t want to do that yet, so I’m not going to.


I can push it all around the house, and then if I get stuck somewhere sometimes I walk around it and play with the wall or door.  And then sometimes I tell Mommy to come help me get un-stuck so I can keep walking.

It’s so much fun.  And it makes a loud noise, too.  And this is part of why I didn’t write yesterday, cuz I was having too much fun.  Well, then I wasn’t having any fun cuz yesterday was a bad day.  Almost the whole day.  But maybe I can still make you smile today?  :)




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