Introducing: Baby Crib Sheets!

Happy Saturday!  I’ve launched a new product in my shop — baby crib sheets!


As I’ve written in the past, I love creating a home with purpose.  A place with meaning in the little and big things.  And, as you know, my current season in life includes a sweet little babycakes.  Sometimes I lay him in his crib after a simple, easy morning and he sleeps without a fuss.  Other times, I lay him down and pick him up and lay him down and pick him up and we fuss and argue and fight sleep — phew!

In the easy moments and the rough moments, I wanted to have a visual reminder to bring me back to what’s really important.  It’s one thing to remind myself mentally, but actually seeing a physical reminder is sometimes more impactful.


So, I put together one of these sheets and loved it.  I’d walk into the bedroom and it would make me smile.  In the middle of the night, with only the streetlight peeking through the shades, it would remind me that I wasn’t up with him for nothing.  He was and is a gift, no matter how exhausted I am.


I’ve made some for the shop because I’d love for them to have the same impact on you that they had on me.  I’d love if they brought a smile to your face and gave your heart a gentle reminder that what you’re doing is worthwhile, and that your sweet little bundle is God’s gift to you.

Visit my shop ( to see them.  I have a limited number available now but if there’s interest I’ll gladly make more.  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



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