Dear Diary

I felt really good today.  I don’t think I’ve felt like this for a long time.  Cuz I think Mommy told you that I was sick, and it was not fun at all and I was sick for a long time.  But then I got better and guess what?  I slept all night last night!

When I woke up I was ready to play — well, after I got to eat.  Food is my favorite thing.  But after I ate I got to jump on Daddy and snuggle with him and Mommy.  And then Mommy and I played when Daddy went to work, and we read books and I got to turn the pages.

I made a discovery too: I can make really loud noises!  My mouth can usually make noises but today I made them even louder and it was so much fun.  And when Mommy gave me lunch I made the loud noises and waved my arms around all over, and I was so happy I couldn’t stop.  Mommy was laughing and I don’t think she knew what to do cuz maybe I surprised her.  After lunch she put me in my saucer and I was so happy I didn’t even care, I just played and made noises and chewed on my book.  She was happy cuz she got to clean all the floors before she let me out.

At dinner I had to show Daddy my new noises, and wave my arms for him too.  He watched me and laughed and then Mommy kept blowing on her finger like she wanted me to stop or something.  She’d go, “shhhhhhhh Levi” but I didn’t want to stop.  And Daddy thought it was funny, so I couldn’t stop if it made him laugh.

Now I’m playing with Daddy and he gave me his phone with music, because I like to push it around the house and sing too.  Then Mommy is going to make me go to bed, but I don’t think I want to yet.  I maybe will make loud noises again and surprise her.  Hmm.




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