Serving With the Little Things

Ever feel like you’re not serving outside your own four walls?  Many stay-at-home moms know the feeling too well; and maybe many of you with other situations/jobs also know it.  You see the same people day in and day out and you serve them, as you should.  Yet sometimes the itch is intense to go beyond and reach out.

There’s importance and value in both.  Caring for and nurturing your own family is priority, and it’s an honor.  Reaching beyond your four walls is also a way of following Jesus’ command to love your neighbor and live a life of service.

Last week I was feeling especially stuck and desperately wanted to be of help to someone outside our family.  I was off to go grocery shopping and didn’t have time to look up soup kitchens or other volunteer events — and really, some volunteer opportunities don’t fit with our schedule right now.  But there had to be something.

I prayed on the way out the door for God to give me ways to serve, even if they were inconsistent and random.  Ways to serve other people and love them.  And, for eyes to see those opportunities (they certainly don’t always look like I think they will!).

As I was pushing Levi and the cart down the grocery store isles, I came to a stop at the end of one.  An elderly lady was sitting in her motorized cart, looking like she was about to attempt standing up.  I took a few more steps, waiting to see what she was going to do.  She tried to stand and I leaned closer — “Can I help you reach something?”

She looked at me a bit surprised and said yes, pointing to a box on the shelf.  “The peanut butter ones, peanut butter.”  I grabbed the crackers for her as she sat back down and smiled.  “You’re very nice,” she said.  I smiled.

That was it.  We went our ways and opened up the little road block we’d created, and I was so overjoyed.  The littlest way to help someone and put a smile on her face.  I was so thankful!

I share this to encourage you; if you’re feeling stuck, pray for opportunities to serve.  God is faithful to bring them, and faithful to give eyes to see them.  They may be little like grabbing a box for someone who can’t, or they may be bigger.  The size isn’t really the important thing, is it?  Don’t hold your breath waiting for the big things.  Ask and be faithful yourself with the little things.  They bring such joy!

Have a great weekend!


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