A Week for Thanksgivings

What a week.

We’ve been fighting a virus, sleep, and snowbanks and I’m worn right out.  Last night Levi slept a bit better than he has the previous nights, which meant I got some more sleep — and this morning, I think my brain is functioning a wee bit better (hopefully enough to write a blog post!).

It’s been a rough week.  As things happened and my frustration levels increased I tried hard to find things to be thankful for; the simplest things were all I could come up with.  They have still helped to carry my through, but this morning I’m seeing more to be thankful for.  As I did in my series years ago, I thought I’d share some thanksgivings publicly as a reminder that God cares for us individually — and as a reminder that there is always something to be thankful to Him for.  It can turn a day around like nothing else.

Levi came down with a fever early in the week, and I waited a bit to see if it was just due to teething.  He wasn’t sleeping well at all, and was moody during the day…  The fever spiked to 103.4, a bit too high for teething, so I sought a doctor’s advice.  (Thanksgiving — at-home thermometers and on-call doctors!)  We decided to give it another day and some Tylenol.

Our part of the state was predicted to get hit with another blizzard the day after I talked with the doctor, so I was praying Levi’s fever would break and we wouldn’t be caught in the storm trying to get to the doctor’s or ER.  It didn’t.

I called the nurse as the snow started falling, and she said she’d call me back when the doctor was in.  I tended to Levi and tried to get him down for a nap, which was successful!  On to do some of my daily tasks before he was back up and needy.  (Thanksgiving — he napped!  And I did get some things done.) 

The nurse called back not long after I’d put Levi down and said we could come right in.  In my exhaustion I said no, I’d just put him down for a nap and he was finally sleeping — I was not about to wake him back up and stop his body from trying to mend itself.  Her surprised response made me realize I probably should’ve just said yes and brought him in; I felt so bad for accidentally being rude.  Yet as I thought about it I knew we wouldn’t be there in time before her next patient anyways, so she found time for us to come later (thanksgiving).

I woke him up when it was time and we drove slowly over to the office; driving in snowstorms is not one of my favorite things.  Add a sick baby in the backseat and I was driving like a little elderly lady who could barely see over the steering wheel.  Thanksgiving — we made it there and back safely.  And, my mom met us with some more Tylenol.

The doctor looked him over and determined it wasn’t his ears or throat, so maybe it was just a virus that needed to work itself out.  We agreed that I’d monitor him closely and go back in if anything changed or his fever continued for another couple days.  Thanksgiving — not an ear infection on pneumonia.

The rest of the day was a blur, and the snow came down thick and heavy.  By 10pm we’d lost power and Levi was in our bed finally sleeping.  Josh set an alarm for 11:30, saying that if the power was still out then we’d head over to my parents’ house for the night.

11:30 came and Levi was still sleeping (thanksgiving!) but we were getting cold and the electric company didn’t know when our power would be restored.  Josh went to dig us out by moonlight and I hurried to pack up our things.  Thanksgivings — the moon was shining through the clouds, we have flashlights on our phones, and Levi stayed asleep until we needed him to get in the car seat.

Driving over to my parents’ was dark and quiet; so pretty and peaceful, somehow (thanksgivings).  My parents were waiting for us and helped us get settled (thanksgivings – they are incredibly sacrificial).  It took Levi until 2am to finally fall asleep… and then he was up again at 4:00, and again after that… cranky, exhausted, miserable.

Work was cancelled for Josh since they didn’t have power either.  We planned to head back home that day once the power was back, but the estimated return time was that midnight.  A few hours later they’d moved the time up to 5pm, and then by 3:30 it was back — but Levi hadn’t napped well during the day and I was so tired we decided to stay another night.  Thanksgiving — my parents gladly letting us stay, feeding us, and helping with Levi.  It also was Levi’s 11-monthiversary, and I usually do a little photoshoot with him to document his growth/interests; we didn’t get to do that, but — thanksgiving — we still were able to document him with a phone photo.


Isn’t he a cute sick baby?

That brings us to last night and today.  Levi slept better, and we didn’t have to give him Tylenol as frequently.  Josh slept mostly through the night, and I got more sleep and am less achy.  Josh was also able to go back to work and I’ve been able to catch up on some things and play with a happy baby (all thanksgivings!).

And this long blog post to say… sometimes it’s hard to be thankful in the moment.  Sometimes you’re so tired and not thinking straight enough to really compile a “thankful” thought.  But when the storm has died down a little and you can hold a thought, looking back at the little and big things to be thankful for helps put the whole storm in perspective.  It gives you an even better foundation of thanksgiving for the next storm, and the next.  After all, we know new storms will always come — but so will new thanksgivings.


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