Opening Our Home

Have you ever had people in your home and realized what a blessing it is?  We had some friends from church over last night, and it was such a joy.  It had been a hectic day and I hadn’t gotten nearly “enough” done, which left me a little frantic and frazzled when they arrived — but this time I got over it quickly.

Inviting people in and welcoming them is a sweet and humbling thing.  Leading up to their arrival I was focused on the presentation, the details, the accommodations; yet once they were here and after they left, all I could think about was how much of a blessing their visit was.

We were able to give and share; our space, our time, our food and drink, our little family.  And they were able to give and share of themselves; their time, their food, their little family.

Creating an inviting atmosphere where they felt welcomed and relaxed was (and is) important to me, and though I wasn’t able to do so to the extent I’d hoped I know all the fundamentals were taken care of.  It was clean, mostly neat, warm, and had a few fresh touches like flowers and the smell of mac ‘n cheese baking.

We talked and watched our boys play together, enjoying the fact that they were getting along and having fun.  They just brought their son home from India about a month ago, and are adjusting to being first-time parents of a 3-year-old from another culture.  His transition has been amazingly smooth thus far; it’s really something else.

We prayed and ate together, and when the meal was done we resumed playing on the floor with the kids.  The dishes stacked up and the racecars zoomed and the laughter continued.

After they left and we’d put Levi to bed, I stood in the kitchen thankful.  Full bellies, a full sink, and full hearts.  There’s just something about opening your home and giving of yourself to others that blesses you maybe more than it blesses them.

Have a great Friday afternoon!




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