Dear Diary

You know, I almost don’t like Mondays anymore.  Cuz today I’m too tired and cranky.  I woke up in the middle of the night because I didn’t feel good, and Mommy wasn’t very happy and then I couldn’t fall back asleep for a long time.  And then I woke up when Mommy and Daddy got up which was I think like I always do cept I was so tired.

I had to sit in my saucer and then they put me in my carseat!  I didn’t get to walk around or do anything!  Mommy and me had to drive Daddy to work and then I thought we would go home like we do but Mommy took me to get groceries instead.  And it was so, so cold outside.  I think maybe the outside gets confuseded because sometimes it’s warm and sometimes it’s really cold and I don’t know what it’s going to be.

Mommy and me get groceries on Mondays because that’s when she likes to go.  Except we go after my nap, and then it’s fun.  Most of the time.  Today I’m just so confuseded because we got home with groceries before I even had breakfast.  And I was SO HUNGRY, MOM.  (Or is it called hangry?  Mommy says both, so I don’t know.)

Mommy went fast to get me food and help me eat.  Then my belly felt better and I wanted to get down and play.  I did play for a little time and Mommy played too and then I was just so tired I took a nap.  Now I feel better.

Later Mommy says we have to go get Daddy and I like doing that, because he makes faces at me and talks to me when we go home.  And I get so happy to see him because sometimes seeing Mommy all day gets boring.

But right now she’s not boring and we’re going to play.




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