To The Museum

Yesterday we took a little spur-of-the-moment trip to the nearby Children’s Museum.  Winter is long and hard with a little one, man!  Especially when everyone starts getting sick and we really can’t go anywhere.  Oof.

A friend of mine met me with two little ones that she nannies, and the three kiddos had a blast.  Since Levi isn’t quite walking yet I thought for sure he’d get trampled, but somehow he wiggled his way in and out of people fast enough (and the big kids had quick enough reflexes).  Once he was slightly comfortable and saw that he could touch and play with things, he took off.  It was so fun to watch!


Look at him standing on his tippy-toes.  Melt.

It was exhausting, which is good and to be expected.  Chasing him around and walking him all over the building was a workout!  I hope he naps a little more beforehand next time; he was so tired and cranky when we got home.  Which meant my patience was tested a lot.

I have an index card above the sink with Psalm 96:4a written on it: “For the Lord is great & greatly to be praised”.  Many times I read and reread it as I washed dishes and tried to clean before my little ninja destroyed everything again.  If the whole house is seemingly out of control, He is still great and I can find something to praise Him for!


Bedtime couldn’t come fast enough, but I did enjoy our day together.  I’ll be making another trip to the museum — hopefully by then he’ll be walking!  :)

Happy middle-of-the-week, friends.


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