Dear Diary

Good morning!  It’s Monday again, huh?  I have a story to tell you because I went with Mommy and Daddy to church yesterday and they put me in the kid room again.  This time there was a new lady there and she had a cup of Cheerios.

I really wanted the Cheerios, but I guess so did a little girl.  I crawled over to the lady and got in her lap and tried to get the Cheerios but then the little girl got mad because I got there first.  And the lady laughed and tried to give us both Cheerios but I just wanted them all because I was so hungry and Mommy wasn’t there yet to feed me.  But this little girl got so mad and then the lady told her it was okay and she still cried.

I got some of the Cheerios but I had to get off the lady’s lap.  So I crawled over to the door and whined because sometimes if I do that enough Mommy comes and then I get hugs and more food.  (I think maybe I should whine more, what do you think?)

It took a little while but then Mommy did come and she saw I had a couple tears but I was mostly fine.  And then the new lady told her something about me and the other little girl trying to get the Cheerios and she said the little girl belongeded to her but I don’t know what that means.  But Mommy knew and smiled and I guess it made sense.

Well anyways, back to me.  Mommy got me and we went to the room where she feeds me except this time there were other kids in there too and I had to watch them and say hi because that’s the nice thing to do.  Mommy talked with the other people and tried to get me to eat but I couldn’t because how am I a-pposed to eat when there are people having fun?  So Mommy let me play with a shiny thing and then we went to find Daddy.  He was happy to see me.

And then I got to see all the other people and they held me and tried to give me hugs but I like to wiggle when people hold me.  Sometimes Daddy lets me crawl on the floor and then I get to go where I want.  And then he gets me and we go home and that’s the end.  :)

I hope you have a good Monday, everyone!




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