Dear Diary

I’ve been sitting in my carseat forever.  I think it’s really been forever.  Mommy had to go somewhere to get her back fixed up (Mommy’s note – the chiropractor) so I had to go too.  Except I always have to stay in the carseat because that’s the rules.

Sometimes the guy takes me out and fixes me up too, and I don’t know if I like it.  Today he didn’t, he just tried to play with me and my camera toy but I only wanted to stare at him.  And that was okay, because when he takes me out he never lets me go anywhere.  He just puts me on his lap and rubs my back and neck a little and then puts me back in my carseat and I have to go all the way home again without stretching.

And today he and Mommy talked about a lot of things so I had to sit even more forever.  Mommy picked up my carseat to leave and then put me back down in another place to talk with some other lady and so I tried to get out but it didn’t work.  I had to sit there and then sit in the car again.

I fell asleep, because I was so tired.  I think I didn’t sleep that great last night.  It got really warm so I moved around to get off the blankets but then I got really cold.  So I kinda talked but I was kinda asleep too.  I don’t know how I do that.

Mommy came and moved me back and put blankets back on me and then I had to move again because it wasn’t good yet.  But then it was good after I moved.  And I heard Mommy say that I was so cute.  I don’t know why she thinks sleeping people are cute; sometimes I look at her when she’s sleeping and Daddy when he’s sleeping and they are not cute.  But maybe I’m special.

Well it’s time for me to get out of the carseat.  I’m going to tell Mommy and I hope she gets me right out and I don’t have to wait.




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