Nature in a Bottle


There’s something about freshly fallen snow and its untouched beauty.  Sometimes the trees hold the snow on their branches for a little while, and when the sun comes up everything sparkles.  The fields are blank canvases, for a while without even the slightest animal footprints.


Nature’s beauty is something I wish I could bottle up and keep forever.  When I drive down each road after a storm and see new scenes and how delicate everything is — I always want to live those moments over and over.  But I can only drive the roads so many times before the sun comes up and starts to melt all the snow, or the people and animals go about their days and the canvases are disrupted.


In the last week we’ve had two good-sized snow storms.  After each storm I stuck Levi in the car and took my camera around the back roads in hopes of getting some good shots.  As I drove I realized something I can’t believe I didn’t realize sooner — there is a way I can bottle up nature’s beauty and keep it.  It can be remembered and relived just like it was when it first appeared.  How?  Through photography.


These photos are my way of bottling up God’s beauty and sending those bottles to you.  Timeless depictions of how amazingly He crafts the nature we get to see and watch, no matter where you live.  Enjoy.  :)



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