Dear Diary

Well, it’s the end of the day and I did a lot today that I wanted to tell you about.  First, Mommy took me in the car for a long time and we just drove around and I didn’t get to get out of my seat, because she was taking pictures everywhere.  We got a really big snow storm (I can’t see past the snow when I go outside, because it’s bigger than me) — and she wanted to go take pictures before the snow got yucky.  So I just fell asleep.

Then we came home and she had to take MORE pictures.  But this time, it was better because she had to take pictures of me.  I guess I’m going to be old tomorrow, like ten months, and Mommy needed to get pictures.  I got to play with my rocking chair and a book while she pressed buttons.  Sometimes she let me touch her picture thing but not much.


We played a lot today too, and went back in the car to get groceries.  We ate a lot at lunch and then played more and then it was nap time.  Except I didn’t want to nap, and I didn’t feel very good.  I didn’t nap, so I’m a lot tired.  Right now I’m crawling in circles to keep myself awake because I don’t want to go to bed; except I do too, because I’m tired, but I’d rather play with the dishwasher and crawl as fast as I can so Mommy and Daddy can watch.  But Daddy is saying it’s time for bed so I think I’ll have to write again another time.




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