Dear Diary

I made a discovery.  There’s a spinny thing in the kitchen, and if you open it just right there are all kinds of things to play with!  Those loud things I told you about earlier — they’re called pots and pans, Mommy says.  And they’re all in the spinny thing.  I also found all my Puffs and food, and bottles that I used a long time ago.

Mommy was making things up where I can’t see so I opened the spinny and took everything out.  I can almost climb it, too (like I can climb the fwidge – but I’ll tell you about that another time)!  Sometimes Mommy lets me play in the spinny and sometimes she says no.  But today she let me play in it for a long time because she was making things for a long time.

She gave me a REALLY big pot too, and it was extra loud.  I only played with that for a little time because it was too loud and it only rolled over.  So I played with the other things instead.


I got bored and then I crawled over to Mommy and climbed her leg.  That’s how I get to see what’s on the counter.  She picks me up and lets me help sometimes.  She showed me what she was making and guess what it was?  Food!  For me!  She didn’t let me touch it, because it was hot.  But she gave me some at lunch and it was yummy.

Except there’s this one food she gave me last night and today and I just don’t like it.  It’s really bad.  I don’t know how to tell you what it is, but it made my mouth feel funny and I had to make faces at Mommy because it was so bad.  She tried to help me like it but it didn’t work.  Yuck.

I’m getting a little hungry again so I hope I get to eat soon.  But maybe I’ll play with the spinny again until Mommy says no.  :)




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