It’s Monday

It’s been one of those Mondays.

Levi and I didn’t get much sleep last night.  An early eye appointment this morning that I had scheduled months ago in hopes of being home for naptime turned out to be an eye appointment that I was late getting to and ended up sitting and waiting for.  Levi did his best and was a trooper — but he was so bored, so tired, and so hungry.

Mondays are also the days I go grocery shopping, which I had failed to remember when I scheduled the appointment.  So, naptime was way late and consequently so was a meal, which isn’t the end of the world but is a big deal when the baby’s weight needs to keep increasing.

Eventually food and naptime happened and off we were to play.  In the house, that is.  There are piles of papers on the counter — actually, almost every flat surface has misplaced things on it.  Being a wee bit OCD, it’s driving me nuts.  Yet all day I’ve been spinning in circles trying to get things done and figure out what needs to be done next… I don’t usually get very far when I spin.  ;)

Levi fell and bruised himself.  At lunch I accidentally pinched his finger in his highchair.  Tears, tears, and more tears.  It’s the worst feeling when your child’s pain is your fault!

I tried writing this post and catching up on other miscellaneous things and the Internet screen went black.  The only way I know to fix it is to close the window (and all the tabs) and start over.

It’s been a somewhat messy day.

Every time something happened that wasn’t planned or messed with our schedule or caused pain, I wanted to shrink back and give in.  Cancel the eye appointment, figure out a way to get groceries later even though making another trip out is inconvenient and costly in gas.  Yet every time I wanted to shrink back, I felt a nudge to keep going.  Just do it.

Instead of letting myself get frustrated and irritated, and give up mentally — that nudge to keep going did just that.  I kept going.  And for each situation, there was a positive moment (whether I wanted to see it or not).  Like parking close to the grocery store door and the cart stalls; giggles and smiles from Levi when I thought he was still upset; no information lost as the Internet window closed.

As I forced myself to keep going I realized that when days like this happen, the key is to prioritize down to the basics.  Have I spent some time reading the Bible and praying?  Yes.  Did Levi and I have lunch?  Yes.  Do I know what we’re having for dinner?  Yes, and it’s in the crockpot (thank God for freezer meals!).

The dishes can be cleaned at some point, and I can do the floors while Levi plays in his saucer.  The mounds of papers and random objects… well, I’ll get to those at some point too.  The other work I need to attend to can be done tonight when Levi is in bed.

For now, I’m going to quickly clean the bathroom and get Levi up from his nap.  Maybe he’ll write his entry later today.  :)

Hope your week is off to a good start, friends.  (Especially you, fellow Patriots fans!)


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