Dear Diary

I have a lot to tell you today!  Yesterday was a busy day and I got to play with some other people who were my size.  Mommy calls them fun size and says I’m fun size too.  We all played in a big room with toys and stuff.  Mommy and Daddy left me there and went to the big people room.

We do this all the time, and it’s called church.  Sometimes I go in the big people room and just make a lot of noise and people smile at me.  I like that.  And I like playing with all the toys in the little room too.

But then later when we got home I played more with Mommy and Daddy and then, when I woke up from my nap, I got to talk with my Grammie!  She lives really far away and I only saw her once in my whole life.  Well, we get to talk sometimes but we don’t get to play together and I don’t get to pull her hair because she’s so far away.

Daddy called her on his iBad and we talked for a long time and made faces at each other.  She got to see me crawl and then she played peekaboo with me.  And I heard her tell Mommy about a food to make that is really yummy and sweet and I hope Mommy makes it soon because I want some.  Daddy said Mommy should make it soon too.

I did get to eat some sweet food, because when we were done talking with Grammie Daddy went and got some stuff from the freezer and let me have a little.  I’ll show you a picture.


It was yummy and now I want some more.

Today I’ve been playing by myself and with Mommy and soon Daddy will be home.  Then maybe he’ll put me on his shoulders!  I hope so.




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