Dear Diary

Guess what?  Mommy gave me new toys!  They’re big and shiny and when you hit them or throw them they make loud noises.  They’re great.  She got them from the kitchen, and she said she’s been waiting till I’m bigger so I can play with them.  So that means I’m bigger.

Mommy made me sit in my saucer for a really long time today, because she needed to clean.  I told her she could clean when I’m out of the saucer, because that works too.  She said no and said it would be faster if I stayed in the saucer.  Well, I don’t think that’s true because I was in there for SO LONG.  Besides, I could have helped.  I’m good at helping.

When she was all done cleaning she got me and then I helped her put away the proom and things.  And then she took me to the kitchen and got me the noisy things and so that’s what I’m playing with now.  If you throw them on the floor they make even more noise!  And you can also hit them together too.

One of them is really big and hard to pick up but maybe if I push it into the couch… no that doesn’t work.  I’ll try again.  Nope.  But I just saw Mommy again so I’m going to go get her.  She loves it when I climb up her leg.  ;)




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