Dear Diary

I was going to write yesterday but Mommy and Daddy said I had to go to bed.  And then I was going to write this morning and then I got hurt.  I was running around Grammie’s house with Mommy and then her hands and my hands slipped and I fell on my face.  It really hurt and I couldn’t breathe for a time, and it was scary.

Mommy picked me up and held me and hugged me and it just hurt so bad.  My chin especially, which Mommy said I got it scuffed and it was bleeding a little.  I’m not really sure what that means…

But Mommy fed me and laid me down and it feels better.  And I wanted to tell you other things too, not really how I got hurt!  You see, Mommy got me these new cups to drink out of and I LOVE THEM.

They have a thing at the top that I put my mouth on and go “sllllluuuuuurp” and the water comes out!  I don’t even have to tip them back and tip my head back like my other cups.  Oh, and they are really fun to throw on the floor.  They go all over the place.

I told Mommy we need some pictures of me with my cup so I can share them with you.  Then you can see how happy I am and how great the cups are.

See?  They’re great.  And you can see the thing on the top of them — I love to pull it and then it flings water everywhere.  If you don’t have one you should probably ask Mommy and she can get you one.  She gets all the things.

Well, now I want my cup again and I want to play.  I think I’m going to try to climb some things too because Grammie and Grandpa have a lot of things to climb.  :)




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