To Love – Part 2

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  I wanted to share some more thoughts in regard to my last post, in case you haven’t peeked at the comments or come to any other conclusions yourself.

A friend commented,

When you give with only the thought of pleasing the Lord … it feels very okay to give. When the expectation is for someone to respond appropriately … it gets so hurtful. I try to look up to Heaven and say, “Did I please YOU just now?” … because sometimes there is no way to “please” a difficult person. But if my goal is to act in a way that makes God happy with me … then I “succeed” even if the other person doesn’t respond even remotely the way I would wish.

I love the way she explained it.  As I was contemplating and trying to come up with the best response, I was thinking in human terms — forgetting that God is the one we should seek to please.  When we try projecting responses and emotions, it gets so messy and can be so painful.  Living for an audience of One is all that’s necessary — and what a relief!

If you had/have any other thoughts, I’d still love to hear them in the comments.  I hope this serves as an encouragement to you as you start your week.  :)


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