Dear Diary

Hey everybody, it’s Monday!

You’ll never guess what I did last night.  I got up!  And not just once, I had to get up two times.  And then I made some noises two other times just because.  The first time I got up Mommy came and laid me back down and rubbed my back a little and told me to go to sleep.  Then she got back in bed and waited, but that was silly because it’s not like I’m going to just fall back asleep.

So I kept talking and crying a bit (because I was sad), and then Daddy got up and held me.  And I got excited but then he walked around… and around… and around… and around…  And I fell asleep.  Shucks.

Daddy says he shouldn’t read before he goes to bed because then he thinks weird things.  Like when he got up to get me he thought he was in a book and was so confused because I shouldn’t be awake at 11:00 at night.  Surprise, I was!

Well anyways, I fell back asleep but then I woke up again later and Mommy tried to get me to lay down again but I kept sitting up instead.  And then she waited in bed again (I don’t know why she does that) and then I stood up and looked at her and she finally came over to get me.  And she told me to shush and then she changed my diaper which made me really upset because that isn’t what I wanted.

But then she fed me and I fell back asleep all happy and warm and it was great.  She always kisses me on my head when she puts me back in my crib.  Then she puts my blankets over me and gets back into her bed.

So I’m a little tired but I think today is going to be a good day.  We’ll have fun and Mommy will make me laugh and I’ll get to eat and play.  And I’ll try to make Mommy laugh too, because she’s probably tired too.  Or maybe she isn’t, because she’s a grown-up.

You should have a good day today too, okay?




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