Dear Diary

I just woke up.  I started making fish-faces and popping my mouth and it felt funny.  Then I saw the water bottle on the changing table and I wanted it.  But I had to climb over my big blanket to get to it, which really isn’t that hard anymore.  Except I think I bumped it onto the floor, so now I can’t get it at all.

I know how to stand up in my crib too, so I like to stand and wait till Mommy or Daddy comes in to get me.  And I love to talk and talk until they come.  Mommy says she loves hearing my voice.

Sometimes she waits a long time to come get me though, and I don’t know why.  I get bored in my crib because there’s not a lot to do.  Well, except climb over the blanket and stand up.  And play with the bottle.

But now I’m not happy because I’m bored and hungry.  I fell asleep before I could eat much… oops.




Here she comes.  :)




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