Dear Diary

It’s been really busy.  It was Christmas a little time ago, and it was fun and we did a lot of stuff.  Mommy and Daddy said it was a special day for God and they’re gonna tell me more as I get older.  Cuz they tried to tell me some things and I don’t really get it.

Mommy put a tree in the house and then she put little lights on it too.  It was nice, but I couldn’t reach it and she didn’t let me try much.  On the day that was Christmas Daddy got me up and carried me out to see the tree and there were all these things around it.  Later we got to take them apart and I got some new toys!

The things were annoying because I had to rip them apart and I couldn’t see if there was anything inside.  But Mommy and Daddy helped me and then I found the toys – and I love them.  The toys, I mean.  But I love Mommy and Daddy too.

So I’ve been playing with my toys a lot and Mommy plays with me too.  And then Daddy plays when he gets home.  He’s so funny.

Last night before I went to sleep Daddy started making new sounds and shaking his head around crazy.  It made me laugh a lot!  Then he told Mommy to try (he said, “Be like a rock and roll” I think) and so she did and it was really funny.  I almost fell off Daddy because I was laughing.  And then she did it again when she was putting me to bed, which was really funny too because she doesn’t play at bedtime.

But anyways, I think it’s time to play with another toy so I’ll write later.  Okay?




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