Dear Diary

Remember how I said I’d tell you if I tried my new trick again?  You know, the “Scare the Parents” one?  I tried it again today

We had to go get food and I was in the cart, and I was reeeeeally bored.  We were going around in the store forever and Mommy wasn’t actually giving me any of the food, she was just putting it all in the cart.  Why.

So then we got to the end part at the place where the people put all the food into bags and then I can’t see it anymore.  I didn’t want to lose my chance so I turned around and pushed with my legs and I almost got over but Mommy saw me and made me stop.

I was close.  I smiled at people and gave them my scrunchy-face, and it made everyone laugh.  I had these things on my feet (I think Mommy called them shooos); they made it harder to push because I’m not used to them.  But I tried real hard, because Mommy was taking food out of the cart and putting it on the moving thing and so she wasn’t really paying attention to me, at least that’s what I thought.  I guess she was though.

I tried real hard twice and she stopped me both times.  But the second time she started laughing, and I don’t know if that was because I’m so funny or because another person made a joke.  Or maybe it was because she was trying to distract me.

Mommy is sneaky sometimes, so I think I’ll have to try again.  Maybe next time I’ll make faces at someone who will make faces back, because then sometimes Mommy starts talking with those people and I can do my trick.  I’ll let you know, okay?




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