A Moment to be Thankful

Quietly sipping my second cup of coffee after a failed nap attempt…  Being sick is a bummer, but being sick with an 8-month-old is another ballgame.  Thankfully it seems to just be a headcold, but man am I tired.

So, as I wait for the little man to wake up from his [successful] nap, I’m scrolling through photos from his 8-month photoshoot the other day.  We had so much fun with them!

Days like yesterday and today are challenging for a new mama — and I’m guessing for an “old” mama too, even if she’s handled them a few times?  Trying to take care of yourself to fight the illness and get healthy while caring for the little one(s) can be difficult.


Levi has decided this week that when he’s awake he needs to either be walking (with our hands) or pulling himself up.  Not, you know, just sitting or army crawling and playing with toys.  (I mean really, who does that anymore?)

He’s way too fun.  And hilarious.  And ex-haust-ing.

Instead of getting incredibly frustrated and mad at the little things, which I can do easily when I’m tired and sick, I’m scrolling through photos to remind myself of our blessings.  Our little one is healthy, growing, learning, and so adorable.  Josh is gone all day because he has a job that pays our bills and keeps us warm.  I get to stay home with Levi and be his teacher, his nurturer, even when I’m sick.

We have toys I can rotate to keep Levi busy.  And tupperware.  But when my creativity runs out, there’s Pinterest.  (And my mom and mother-in-law!)  We have a snowsuit so we can go play in the cold snow and get some fresh air.

We have a lot to be thankful for!  Even now that my time is up for writing.

Enjoy the photos, and I hope you’re inspired to count your own blessings.  :)



**I actually finished this post three hours after I started.  We ate, took a walk to the mailbox, walked around the house, turned on Christmas music and lights, climbed on the chairs, pulled all the tupperware out of the cabinet, started dinner, ate again, and currently are talking jibberish and jumping in the saucer.  My coffee is still on the table.  Ha!


4 thoughts on “A Moment to be Thankful

  1. Lol! Yup! And it only gets more fun!! Love the photos! His adorable!! I hope you can check out my blog and we can support each other. I also have a little giveaway going on under “giveaway time” post, I hope you can enter <3

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